SPECIAL SALE❤️ BOTH Katy Vernon CDs. 'Present' AND 'Before I Forget'

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“Present is a kind of mini-masterpiece of melancholy and very British pop music, full of richly-drawn, delightfully developed melodies, gorgeous singing and lyric-writing and tons of great playing.” Jon Hunt. l’étoile magazine
Album of the year (Country/Folk) L’Etoile Magazine

Top Ten Album of the year #6 Pioneer Press

Top Ten local song of the year #8 (PEARL) The Current 89.3

Top albums of the year Rift Magazine

'Before I Forget'

"Before I Forget" showcases her willowy siren voice and ukulele-plucked, autumnal back-porch folk songs.
Chris Reimenschneider, Star Tribune

"Before I Forget is Vernon’s first solo album, her compositions are fairly sparse, leaving plenty of room for her songbird-like voice and her ever-present ukulele. There is a beauty and hope in Vernon’s voice that ultimately makes the songs feel uplifting. "
- Andrea Swennson, Local Current Blog

"Before I Forget is simply lovely; a celebratory, timeless, old-timey romp yes, romp, you heard me), the kind that doesn’t get made anymore, really. If you’re looking for a great record for a sun-dappled fall drive, this is your monster, my friends."
Jon Hunt, Le'toile Magazine